SPOLCHEMIE supports Half Marathon 2016 and disabled athletes 21/06/2016

SPOLCHEMIE – Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu has become official partner of Usti nad Labem Half Marathon 2016. Event is coincidentally scheduled in the same time window as the construction of brand new membrane electrolysis will be close to its finishing. All of the SPOLCHEMIE employees are ready to work hard with the clear aim of ensuring smooth course of action. Large part of the race will take place directly in the premises of SPOLCHEMIE factory. During the three kilometers long section, participants will run in close proximity of state-of-the-art technologies and production facilities of one of the most important Czech chemical factories, offering both breath-taking sceneries and extraordinary experience at the same time, in comparsion with another major running events.

Více SPOLCHEMIE profitable last year, EBITDA doubled 23/03/2016

A positive consolidated operating profit before depreciation and interest (EBITDA) in ammount of 486 mil. CZK (18 mil. EUR) in 2015 has been registred by major Czech chemical producer SPOLCHEMIE, based in North-Bohemian town of Ústí nad Labem. Last year´s economical results has not yet been consolidated or audited for this leading European manufacturer of resins, alkalis and chlorine derivatives, but preliminary turnover has reached as much as 5.4 billion CZK (200 mil. EUR).