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Innovation und Lösungen

We are very excited to present you our updated Product catalogue 2016, where we have incorporated a wide range of our new products in epoxy systems, alkyd resins and inorganic specialities.

Our advanced epoxy materials are enforceable in composites systems and composites technologies (Casting and Prepregs, Pultrusion and Filament winding, Injection moulding and Hand lay-up etc.) Epoxy systems are our best ambassadors of SPOLCHEMIE quality.

Our R&D teams still working on enhancing and development new types of alkyd resin for enviromental friendly coatings solution.

High quality of our inorganics product based on chlorine production and we offer wide range of grades and modification potassium hydroxid (liquid, pellets, flakes), perchlorethylene and other chemicals.  In the year of celebrating 160th anniversary SPOLCHEMIE holds over 500 product in a portfolio. For us it is really difficult to make a short brief of our novelties. SPOLCHEMIE offers a wide range of quality chemical products for many areas of business and production, so we highly recommend you to contact with our sales managers or infoline

SPOLCHEMIE – Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, a.s. is a leading European manufacturer of synthetic resins, hydroxides and innovative chlorinated derivatives. Since 1856 SPOLCHEMIE continuously brings innovation in the chemistry. The long-term success and stability of SPOLCHEMIE stand on a fully integrated manufacturing, expertise and proprietary research and development, that provides the company with numerous patents and valuable know-how. SPOLCHEMIE achieved  the world's first international environmental EPD certification for epoxy resins. The high quality of the production, services and the strategic location in the heart of Europe allows SPOLCHEMIE to succeed in the highly competitive European market. Over 80% of company production is exported worldwide to 150 countries, primarily to European Union.
SPOLCHEMIE is undergoing a major modernization. Besides the intensification of the production of epichlorohydrine from glycerine is currently under completion of a new, environmentally friendly membrane electrolysis. The launching of the new technology is planned in the end of 2016.

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