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SPOLCHEMIE becomes the largest exporter in region


SPOLCHEMIE - Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, a. s. has confirmed another victory in the national competition under the auspices of Czech chamber of commerce to prove their status of the most significant exporter in Ústecký Region from previous years.

The victory in the regional category is not the only award Spolchemie has won. In the category "Objem exportu 1993-2014" (Volume of Export) SPOLCHEMIE has won the 16th place from the major exporters over 500 mil. CZK and in the category of the Major Exporters from the Czech Republic SPOLCHEMIE ended up on 19th place. 

 "We are proud of this award, it is a great gift for our company, that will celebrate 160 years of its existence in a few months. The award even highlights the fact that we sell our products in 52 countries around the world and the vast majority of our exports goes to the most demanding global markets,“ the CEO of  SPOLCHEMIE Daniel Tamchyna commented the awards of the prestigious competition.

SPOLCHEMIE belongs to the longest working companies in the world and also to the prestigious companies in industrial enterprises. More than 88% of sales is  generated outside of the Czech Republic and 75%  is performed in the market of developed European countries. Although its economy was in red numbers last year, in the first half of this year, the management of the company got it back into black numbers with an annual increase in revenues of almost 10 percent to 2.5 billion CZK (EUR 92,6 mil.) and made a net profit of 71 million CZK (EUR 2,6 mil).  

The planned beginning of membrane electrolysis next year will backup the long-term sustainability of the integrated production of factory in Ústí nad Labem while meeting the demands of strict European legislations, and it will contribute to the long-term success of SPOLCHEMIE.

For further information, please contact:  Romana Granatova, Marketing Manager,

Photo for free use - autor: Spolchemie - Marie Bartošová

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