Research & Innovation

Areas of research and development

Innovation is a matter of course for us, we develop new solutions for our customers and optimize our technological processes.

The research takes place in three R&D centres

150 experts in research and development

Our experts from three research teams work together to develop innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends and customer requirements. We follow environmental trends and legislative requirements. We deal with applied and experimental development.

More than 70 patents and numerous active applications

Applied research focuses, for example, on the replacement of bisphenols, the development of halogen flame retardants in epoxy resins, or increasing the share of environmentally friendly and renewable sources. SPOLCHEMIE boasts more than 70 valid patents and a number of active patent applications.

SYNPO Research Centre

Our modern research centre SYNPO Pardubice has been focusing on research and development of synthetic resins for over 70 years. It has more than 120 employees and is an accredited laboratory.

Independent certification and analytical measurements

Our subsidiary SYNPO has accredited laboratories that provide our customers with independent certification and analytical measurements. Within the framework of experimental development, it also provides introductory, small-tonnage or special productions. It also provides independent research activities to third parties. All teams work on more than fifty technical development projects each year while responding flexibly to specific customer requirements.

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