How to apply

How to apply for financial support

To have your event included in the Project, fill in the Application Form on this page. By submitting your Application you also confirm your agreement to the Project Rules and your consent to
the processing of personal data

Conditions for inclusion of the action:

  • the event must take place in the Ústí nad Labem Region
  • the event must be accessible to the community (the public or organised groups, not individuals not organised in an interest group)
  • the mini-grant application must be sent at least 12 days before the date of the next Commission meeting
  • the action must take place after the date of the commission’s meeting in that round
  • an applicant may only submit an application for a financial contribution for one project in each round

Complete rules (download

To apply for a minigrant, please fill out and submit this form.

By submitting the form, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy and give us your consent to process your personal data.