Rules of the event

Briefly from the Rules

Who can participate
A participant of the Project may be a natural person or a legal entity with full legal capacity.

Cashing in the minigrant
The amount will be reimbursed after the event, upon proof that the event took place (notification and photo documentation). We do not require a chargeback or proof of exhaustion of the mini-grant amount.

What events can be applied for
The applicant can apply for actions supporting communities in the following areas:

  • Healthy Body – events supporting healthy physical development of adults or children, amateur sports, children’s sports clubs, tourist events, sports activities for seniors, etc.
  • Bright Minds – events to develop residents’ mental health and education, educational events, educational events, building nature trails, children’s clubs, senior lectures, cultural events and performances, aids for children’s or seniors’ interest groups, etc.
  • Clean Nature – events contributing to environmental protection, educational activities on this topic, etc.

An Applicant may only apply for one Project in each round of the Competition.

Events must always be for and open to the public, not individuals.

How to participate
Read the Rules of our Project. Go to the “Application” form, enter the application into our system. If the application fulfils all the requirements, it will be published within 7 days of insertion. Otherwise, we will communicate with you and reserve the right not to include non-compliant events in the Project.
Input of actions is always closed 12 days before the meeting of the Commission. No later than 15 working days after the committee vote, we will announce the result by publishing it on our website.

Additional points
SPOLCHEMIE is entitled to change the Project Rules at any time.
In case of disputes or ambiguities, the Personnel Director of SPOLCHEMIE has the final say in their resolution.

Complete rules (download here)