We are aware of how important continuous and targeted training of our employees is for the future success of our company, which is why we have long been dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our people and increasing their expertise. We also support the education of children and young people, because we know how significantly it can affect the individual’s social integration and the development of the region.


The demanding environment in which we work requires specialist knowledge and skills and a high quality of work. To strengthen the expertise of our employees, we organise regular training courses and courses.


We support modern and innovative teaching methods in primary schools (projects “Let’s teach chemistry attractively!”). We are a partner of the Young Chemist competition for older primary school pupils. We offer high school students the opportunity to complete an internship or apprenticeship. We also work closely with universities of chemistry and science. Among other things, we are partners of the University of Chemical Technology in Prague (VŠCHT ) and we have a cooperation project with the University of Pardubice (UP). We regularly attend job fairs where we meet university students interested in working in the chemical industry. We offer interesting opportunities for university students scholarships and graduates trainee program .

Partner universities

The future through education

We perceive education as an important part of our activities, as a condition for the success of our employees and the company, as well as for the society as a whole.

In addition to education, we are also involved in promoting chemistry as an attractive field that is part of our everyday lives and has a future.