Responsible company

We at SPOLCHEMIE are aware that in order to secure the future of our society and human society as a whole, it is important to effectively prevent damage to nature, climate and human health, to develop modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and products, and to use resources efficiently. For us, social responsibility and sustainable development are not just empty words, but phenomena that involve real actions of our company to achieve responsible behaviour towards the environment, the surroundings and people.

We have already taken many steps towards greener production – for example, reducing emissions by more than 90% since 2000, using renewables in products where possible (epoxy resins, epichlorohydrin, alkyd resins), evaluating key products using LCA, using only emission-free electricity (from nuclear power plants), participating in projects to use the hydrogen we produce, participating in the Responsible Care initiative, and the Ecovadis sustainability rating.

At the beginning of 2022, our approach to sustainability was covered by the newly formulated concept of Sustainable Development of SPOLCHEMIE, which is based on three main pillars with an emphasis on the human resources, our employees.

Documents available for download here (ISO certification, Company Policies, Environmental Protection Reports, and others).


90% new technologies

Continuous innovation in production technology is taking place in order to meet safety and environmental standards. The raw materials for production are mainly pure water and salt. 90% of the production technology was developed after 2000.