We are one of the most important employers in the region and realise that the personnel strategy and human resources management creates the image of the company. This is why we focus a considerable part of our activities on the care of our personnel.

One of the crucial priorities is compliance with safety regulations and protection of health of our employees. Risk prevention in workplaces is the most significant part of safety in all companies, consequently, all our employees are responsible for abiding by the occupational health and safety policy.

We acknowledge that qualified employees are crucial for top operational performance of the company, so one of our main goals is to stabilise employees, to motivate them to excellent performance at work and to encourage their personal and career development. Within professional personnel development, we constantly encourage improvement of their skills and professional expertise, particularly in the following areas:

  • language courses focusing on English or German
  • personal skill courses
  • managerial skill courses
  • OH&S training courses
  • operational skills and knowledge courses
  • other mandatory and professional training courses


Gabriela Procházková
Training personnel manager

Phone: +420 477 162 064
E-mail: prochazkovag@cssas.cz