Chlorine Products & Other

Triethylamine Trihydrofluoride

ProduktDescriptionColour (APHA)HF concentration acidimeter. KOH
Triethylamine TrihydrofluorideClear, colourless liquid with a yellowish tinge.0-20022-27


ProduktDescriptionColour (APHA)ConcentrationH2O concentrationStabilizerDistillation range 95%Density at 20°C
PerchloroethyleneA colourless, clear liquid with an ethereal odour.< 15> 99,9< 340,0006-0,002 //11119,5-121,51623

Sodium Hypochlorite

ProduktDescriptionConcentration of active chlorine Cl2Concentration of NaOHConcentration of Na2CO3Fe concentration
Sodium hypochloriteA yellow-green to yellow-brown liquid that spontaneously decomposes in the light, at elevated temperatures or in contact with certain metals.>140 (summer-1.5. till 30.9.); >150 (winter-1.10. till 30.4.)< 12< 20< 0,01


ProduktDescriptionColour (APHA)Concentration
EpichlorohydrinColourless, volatile liquid with a characteristic irritating odour.< 10> 99,8


ProduktDescriptionColour (APHA)Concentration1,5 HexadieneStabilizer
Allyl chlorideClear liquid with characteristic pungent odour, extremely flammable, sensitive to UV radiation (darkens).< 50> 99< 0,30,015-0,025 //11

Hydrochloric Acid

ProduktDescriptionConcentrationConcentration of free. chlorine Cl2 Concentration of SO4 2The annealed parchmentChlorinated hydrocarbons
Hydrochloric acidA clear, colourless liquid with a yellowish tinge and a characteristic pungent odour.> 31< 0,01< 0,04< 0,1< 0,0025

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