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Our Values

Openness, trust and cooperation

We are committed to equal opportunities without discrimination, legality, openness and professional conduct of our employees. We encourage personal responsibility, mutual trust and teamwork.




The demanding environment of a chemical company requires professional knowledge and skills and a high quality of our work. Each of us strives to be the best possible expert in our area of expertise, be it production, office work or team management.  We always act professionally, we know the working and production procedures, we respect safety and other regulations, and we use the experience gained through practice and from our colleagues. We place emphasis on the personal development of individuals in their respective fields and continuously educate our employees.

The success of SPOLECHEMIE is the success of all of us. A problem of SPOLECHMIE is a problem for all of us. We look for the best solutions and ways to achieve the company's goals - economic prosperity, improved customer and public relations, advances in environmental protection, accident and hazard prevention, improved safety and employee care. 

We know that innovation is the key to the future of SPOLCHEMIE. We innovate, improve and develop our products, the equipment we work with, our workplaces and our working practices in full compliance with the changing demands of the market and the requirements of sustainable development.

A satisfied customer is our best advertisement. Every customer, big or small, current or future, is important to us and we act in a way that keeps them in our good graces and keeps them recommending us - we listen to their needs and wishes and always deliver what we have committed to. 

The foundation of SPOLCHEMIE's success is its employees - people who can work as a team and treat others with respect. We value our colleagues and are polite, helpful, open and fair in our dealings with them. We address criticism and our views on the matter with the colleagues concerned. We help others improve because personal growth helps the whole team.


We have adopted and follow a Code of Ethics in our daily activities, which sets the basic framework for the behaviour of our employees and management.