Special epoxy systems meet the EN 45545-2 standard

SPOLCHEMIE special epoxy systems meet the EN 45545-2 standard

Rail transport has many advantages: it is environmentally friendly, enables efficient transport of large numbers of people or heavy cargo, and is fast. Experts point out that it also has lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to road transport, indicating its great potential for the future.

Safety is crucial for transport, including rail transport – and the fire safety is where our special epoxy systems come into play.

The European standard EN 45545-2 unifies with effect from year 2013 the requirements and guidelines for fire protection in rail vehicles. Compliance with this standard is a must for all trains and other rail vehicles. It determines the materials and components that can be applied and also their flammability and other specific requirements as the oxygen index, the optical density of smoke, and the toxicity of smoke. It also defines classification of the rail vehicles´ components according to their application (R22 for use in interior and R23 for use in exterior) and divides them into safety levels HL1, HL2, and HL3. This standard ensures the safety of passengers, workers, and cargo in rail transport in case of fire.

SPOLCHEMIE produces a special hydrophobic epoxy system CHS-EPODUR 561-1577_C2_D5 for use in rail vehicles and other electro components. This system has been tested by the independent laboratory and meets the highest fire protection requirements according to EN 45545-2. The system is primarily intended for outdoor use, but can also be used in interior applications. It has excellent resistance to water absorption and the specific parameters according to the highest risk level HL3. The tests were carried out in the accredited laboratory at CZ testing institute s.r.o.

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