The importance of epoxies in the energy and electrical industries

For a long time, porcelain has been used as a traditional material for insulation purposes in the electrical and energy industries. After the widespread use of epoxy resins and other synthetic materials at the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. century, they began to be used in the electrical industry because of their ease of processing and variability of use. For more than sixty years, the energy and electronics sector has enjoyed the undeniable benefits of epoxy.

How do epoxy resins help a sustainable future?

Many industries today are actively looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Epoxy resins, although not usually visible at first glance, play an indispensable role in many important applications and sectors due to their unique properties.

Epoxy poured floors for functional and design solutions

Epoxy floors are ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial environments due to their durability and excellent properties. You will often find them in high traffic areas such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, underground garages and parking garages. At the same time, they allow for variable design and decorative representations in many colours, so you can find them in galleries, restaurants, cafes, children’s playrooms and other representative spaces.