12/4/2019 Dear distributors of Spolchemie - Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, akciová společnsot - we would like to annonce you re-branding of CHS - HYDROSPOL  product range, which is comming soon. Since 1st of May we will change the name and start use CHS-HYDROSPOL D 270 instead of current CHS - HYDROSPOL D 01;CHS-HYDROSPOL D 271 instead of current CHS - HYDROSPOL D 101; CHS-HYDROSPOL D 870 instead of current CHS - ALKYD TI 870 V 50. More information and summary you easy find here.

 27/03/2019 Dear distributors of Spolchemie- Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, akciová společnost - I would like to thank you for your participation on our 10th Distribution meeting in Nuremberg. It was a pleasant time to spent together and I believe, it was both useful and beneficial.

As I promised, you can download here the presentations, new Alkyd resins leaflet and Product catalogue 2019.

02_Distribution meeting 2019_Moravec
03_FocusAlkyds and Speciality resins_Racek
04_Prices outlook_Trsek
05_ Alkyds_Grohová
06_New epoxy product and knowledges_Hyršl

New materials:
Alkyds leaflet
Product catalogue_2019

Thank you also for completing our questionnaires, we will be discussing the content soon.
I wish you all the success of your business and I am at your disposal for any further information you may need  on

  11/03 2019 •  Dear distributors of Specialities, we would like to inform you that recently we have seen strong activity of the fictive email being sent to our customers. The sender of these emails pretends to be CEO of SPOLCHEMIE - Mr. Daniel Tamchyna. More information read here.

Administrator / next info: Jana Krásová, Marketing manager,

 20/9 2018 •  Dear distributors of Specialities, we cordially invite you to visit our special exposition at Composites Europe 2018, in Stuttgart, one of the largest European event of composites professionals. Our Stand will be organised as the OPEN FORUM in this year and we will held the lectures leading by our experts in R&D of composites.  ◉ We would like to offer you a backround in our Booth for the meeetings with your clients - contact your Sales Manager ◉ Where: in our Booth 07 in Hall 7 ◉ When: 6-8 / 11 2018 ◉ Get your free ticket from SPOLCHEMIE and visit us! more on our SPECIAL website for the show

 1/9 2018 •  Dear distributors of Alkyds, due a low number of candidates isthe 2nd alkyds training in 2018 cancelled. See you in Nuremberg. In case of interest we could arrange the traing there. Please contact your Sales Manager.

 13/7 2018 •  Dear distributors of Alkyds, we would like to ask you to join our campaign: "TOP PRODUCTS in ALKYDS". What to do? 

1. have a look to the web page with the TOP PRODUCTS presentation HERE 
2. copy this link and send it to your clients
1. have a look to this PDF document TOP PRODUCTS leaflet HERE
2. ask our Marketing Manager Jana ( to ad your logo+contact to this material 
3. let´s distribute the branded material in PDF/hard copy to your clients

If you don't feel like organising this campaign, please forward this information to your marketing department. For the details contact your Sales manager. 

 12/7 2018 •  Dear distributors of specialities, Spolchemie invites you and your clients to visit our Booth C51 Hall 9 at one of the biggest European fairtrade of composites COMPOSITES EUROPE on 6 - 8 November 2018 in Stuttgart. Here is the link for free tickets: 
Feel free to send the link to your clients and partners!

 4/7 2018 •  Dear distributors,  for improve the access to product informations we opened the new sectionTraining & Experience. There are available the presentation from trainings, Reference cards, Unique selling proposition etc. and will be kept up-to-date. Watch it! The access code is the same as the product documentation password (or contact: Romana

 3/7 2018 •  Dear distributors of alkyds,  the 2nd alkyds training in 2018 will held on September 26, 2018 in Ústí nad Labem.

  • General overview, formulation and evalution of alkyds;
  • Selection guide in alkyds;
  • TOP product 2018;
  • Discussion;

The content is tailored for intermediate level specialists. If you are interested in participating please let you know your Sales Manager very soon. Due to good preparation you could send your questions till the date of training to Veronika Grohova, Product coordinator, mail:

 25/6 2018 •  Dear distributors of alkyds, we are pleased to present you our NEW BROCHURE OF ALKYDS 2018. Brochure you could to download HERE, to find bellow or ask your Sales Manager for hard copy.

 20/4 2018 •  Vážení distributoři podlahovin, na stavebních webech a vyšly články na téma "Podlahoviny ze Spolchemie", které podpoří náš web Stavební Spolhemie a vaše prodeje. Děkujeme sl. Sverákové za překlad do slovenštiny a všem za poskytnutí fotek pro články na webu.

  20/62018 • Dear distributors of epoxy resins, let me inform you about the planned term of our traditional Distributor´s Meeting in Nuremberg on 18/3 2019. Spolchemie will be exhibiting at ECS Nuremberg 19 - 21 March 2019. Details will be given to you in advance of the event.

  20/52018 • Dear distributors, due the new European legislation (GDPR) we had to cancel the list of access code for the Product documentation and you password are not valid anymore. The new password will be sent to your e-mail soon or you could ask for the via standard request form (click to document and follow the instruction).

 20/4 2018 •  Dear distributors of alkyds, we are pleased to present you our LIST OF TOP PRODUCT IN ALKYDS RESINS 2018 as a part of the Spring campaign.

The TOP selection includes best and new developed products with exceptional properties in weather and corrosion resistance, sustainable "bio-alkyds" with a bio-based content of up to 93%, a wide range of water-soluble and solvent-free binders and proven high-performance alkyds. TOP SELECTION you could find it here:

 3/4 2018 •  Vážení distributoři podlahovin, dnes jsme spustili na webu Stavební Spolchemie seriál o podlahách, autor Tomáš Vejškrab. Prosím nasdílejte odkaz na vašich webech a případně rozešlete zákazníklm a aplikátorům. Odkaz na první díl seriálu je tady:

 20/2 2018 •  Уважаемые партнёры! Ежегодный семинар для российских потребителей продукции нашей компании в области электротехники состоится в Праге, Чехия, 15-16 мая 2018.

  9/1 2018 •  Dear distributors of composites, we would like introduce you brand new brochure Epoxy systems for electro and eletronics. It replaces old brochure "Casting and pre-pregs" (brown). The brochure you could download HERE / bellow in a list. We would like also to offer you download a brochure Safe handling of epoxy systems in English, Polish and German version. The material is issued by Epoxy Europe which we are a member and it is free for use for your promo activities, web or mailing. Please download it bellow in a List of Brochures.

  11/12 2017 •  Vážení distributoři, ve spolupráci s organizací Epoxy Europe, jejímž jsme členem, vydáváme příručku "Bezpečné nakládání s epoxidovými systémy" v českém jazyce. Příručku si můžete stáhnout ZDE, objeví i dole v odkazech a na webu Stavební Spolchemie. Můžete ji používat pro vaše zákazníky. Příručka bude vydaná pouze v elektronické podobě.

  2/12 2017 •  Dear distributors of composites, we offer you a very useful educational guide "What are the Composites?" issued by the CompositesUK Association. Brochure can be downloaded HERE.

 13/10 2017 • Dear distributors, SPOLCHEMIE is proud to announce GOLD MEDAL awarding in EcoVadis CSR Rating system. This medal is only granted to the top 5% companies among the thousands of subjects evaluated worldwide in EcoVadis CSR Rating system. Please see details HERE. / Vážení distributoři, s radostí vám ozamujeme, že Spolchemie získala ocenění ZLATÁ MEDAILE v systému hodnocení společenské odpovědnosti EcoVadis. V tomto systému je zapojeno přes 20 tisíc společností ze 140 zemí. Více informací ZDE.

 17/10 2017 •  Dear distributors, we would like to introduce our new cosporate video presentation. In CZECH and in ENGLISH, is available for your free use. For next infomation and high-resolution version please contact us! / Vážení distributoři, dovolujeme si vám představit naše nové prezentační VIDEO. Prosím použijte ho ve vašich prezentacích.

Product documentation

  • For download product documentation please go to the public WEB catalogue in ENG, CZE, GER, click on the icon of required document and follow the instruction. You get a permanent pasword.
  • For MSDS documentation please contact Martina Kroscenova, Marketing Specialist: