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Spolchemie – a Partner in the Final of the Nationwide Young Chemist Competition

16.6.2021 - A winner has been determined in the final of the ninth yearly nationwide contest, in Search of the Best Young Chemist in the Czech Republic. The king of young chemists for the year 2021 is Jan Najbert from the primary school Slovanské Náměstí in Brno. Again this year Spolchemie has been a partner in this successful nationwide contest.

Spolchemie – Supplier of the Year

15.5.2021 - Our long-standing customer Axalta Coating Systems, in recognition of the high level of our services when compared to other suppliers, has awarded us with a prestigious “Outstanding Performance Award” in their yearly competition.

Gagarin Viewed the Globe through Sapphire from Spolchemie

14.4.2021 - “I can see the Earth in the view port. It is well distinguishable. I see rivers, the unevenness of the terrain. The visibility is good. Everything is wonderfully visible through the view port. The visibility is great, beautiful,” Yuri Gagarin reported exactly sixty years ago, after his spaceship Vostok 1 threw off its front aerodynamic screen and revealed to him a view of his home planet.

Spolchemie celebrates 165 years of existence

13.2.2021 - In mid- February, we are celebrating a significant and almost unbelievable anniversary: our 165th birthday. Exactly this many years ago – on February 13th, the company SPOLCHEMIE – Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, the Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production, was established under the then still German name.