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Spolchemie – Supplier of the Year



We are always pleased when someone commends us.  And when the commendation is associated with an award we recently received, we are even more pleased.

Our long-standing customer Axalta Coating Systems, in recognition of the high level of our services when compared to other suppliers, has awarded us with a prestigious “Outstanding Performance Award” in their yearly competition.

The award ceremony, which was held online due to restrictions, took place in April.  During the three-hour ceremony representatives of Axalta’s top management highlighted the key role suppliers played in helping the company reach its goals, but also reported on individual winners and the plans of the company in the face of the current challenges in the world economy.  Zdeněk Moravec, Director of SBU Commodities, and Sales Representative, Jose R. Landeros, attended the awards ceremony for Spolchemie.

“It is difficult to determine one particular thing for which Spolchemie won the award in precisely this year.  Axalta has been on the list of key customers for many years, and this has long corresponded to the level of customer service,” says Zdeněk Moravec.  Jose Landeros, who is in daily contact with Axalta, adds that our partner values our approach to a number of things we did in the past year which convinced them of our superior professionalism.  For example, they appreciate our ability to supply the goods they order in a very short time, our flexibility regarding changes of delivery times, our competitive prices, the excellent communication of our people with Axalta’s various European production plants, our outstanding supply support for their plant in Turkey, and not least, the perfect quality of the resins we supply.

This award concerns all of us who participate in the development, production, and supply of goods to Axalta.  From employees in operations to those in storage, logistics, research, quality control, analytical services, customer service, and sales – all of you deserve a big thank you and praise from the Director of SBU Commodities, Zdeněk Moravec, for this prestigious award!


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