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SPOLCHEMIE uses emission-free energy for its activities


SPOLCHEMIE uses emission-free energy for its activities


The words climate protection are not just empty words for us. This year, we launched a life-cycle analysis project that will evaluate our carbon footprint and the environmental impacts of our entire company, our most important production operations, and our products. The first, preliminary, results of this LCA show that energy supply accounts for a significant part of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

As a first significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint, we have decided to use only "clean" electricity, and we signed a contract with ČEZ ESCO (a subsidiary of the ČEZ Energy Group) for the supply of emission-free energy for the period 2021-2024. Overall, this will be about 900 GWh (280 GWh per year) which will come from Czech nuclear power plants.

Environmental issues and climate protection are an integral part of our daily activities and one of the pillars of sustainable development in our company. "As a major industrial company, we want to set an example for other companies, and not only for those in our field. We take our environmental commitments very seriously and are constantly modernizing our production processes. We were among the first Czech chemical companies to sign the global initiative for responsible business in chemistry, Responsible Care, in 1994. I consider the next logical step in our strategy to be that of becoming a green SPOLCHEMIE and that our entire production process be powered by clean energy with a zero climate footprint," remarked the CEO of the company, Daniel Tamchyna, when evaluating the importance of the concluded contract. At the same time, we are responding to the EU's climate commitments and its goal of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, as well as to the demands of our customers and business partners who are pushing for more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Thanks to the consumption of emission-free electricity, we will save a total of approximately 480,000 tons of CO2 compared to the conventional electricity of the Czech energy source mix. Supplies of emission-free electricity are transparently guaranteed in the form of what are called guarantees of origin (an electronic certificate) and the whole process is certified by the external independent certification authority Bureau Veritas. At the end of every calendar year, SPOLCHEMIE obtains a certificate confirming that it has taken electricity from a given emission-free source and this contains a precise specification of the volume of electricity purchased and the amount of CO2 emissions saved.

Interest in clean electricity among large companies continues to grow in connection with the fulfilment of European climate commitments. "We are pleased that there is a growing interest in the supply of emission-free electricity. Companies like SPOLCHEMIE set an example for others. At the moment, we are already supplying emission-free electricity from the core to a dozen companies and we are negotiating with others," adds Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO, which is a leading supplier of energy-saving solutions to companies, cities and municipalities.



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