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SPOLCHEMIE - a member of the Czech hydrogen platform HYTEP


We have become a member of the Czech hydrogen platform Hytep. Its mission is to support the development of hydrogen technologies and the introduction of the hydrogen economy to the Czech Republic. We produce ecological hydrogen in our new modern membrane electrolysis and, therefore, we consider it logical to join this organization. As a socially responsible company with a number of activities in the field of sustainable development, we want to be an active member of this platform and to actively participate in specific projects beneficial to the environment.

For example, we are currently cooperating with the Ústí Nad Labem municipality and the local transport company on a clean hydrogen propulsion project for use in public transport buses, as well as for other hydrogen-powered vehicles with zero emissions. We are currently working on a project for a filling station on our company's land and the building permits connected with this. This filling station should also serve interested parties from the general public, and the whole project should help further improve air quality not only in the city of Ústí nad Labem itself, but also in the whole region.

Hytep contributes to the coordination of the activities of entities in the development of hydrogen technologies and a hydrogen economy among themselves and in connection with domestic and foreign programs and financial resources. To a large extent, it has contributed to and participated in the preparation of the State Hydrogen Strategy of the Czech Republic. The membership base currently consists of 40 organizations and companies from the private and public sectors, including the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, the firms Pražská Plynárenská, Orlen Unipetrol, Linde, and the automobile manufacturers Škoda and Hyundai.