Alliance for an Emission-Free Future

Czech business unites for an emission-free future: the SPOLCHEMIE is not missing out.

Czech business has joined forces in the effort for a future without emissions through the newly formed Alliance for Zero-Emission Future (ApBB), which officially presented its activities in November of this year. The alliance’s intention is to accelerate and facilitate the transition to low-emission models and technologies in order to prevent the loss of competitiveness of the Czech economy and businesses due to slow implementation of necessary measures. SPOLCHEMIE – Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu became one of its important members.

The alliance brings together the most significant Czech companies, which together promote the transition to climate-neutral technologies and actively share their know-how and best practices. Alongside SPOLCHEMIE, other renowned companies such as ČEZ, Komerční banka, McKinsey, Moneta Money bank, Onsemi, Orlen Unipetrol, PWC, and Wienerberger are partners in the alliance. Additionally, Czech Radio Communications, Liberty, Škoda Auto, the Union of Towns and Municipalities, and others have joined the alliance.

SPOLCHEMIE brings not only its expertise and commitment to innovations in the field of ecological technologies to the alliance. It also commits to actively contributing to the achievement of low-emission goals and seeking innovative approaches to the decarbonization of industry. In this field, it is already implementing a number of steps, starting with a hydrogen mobility project for the public transport of Ústí, through the consumption of zero-emission energy, to the planned initiation of production of precursors for the new generation of so-called F-gases, which will significantly help in the global fight against warming.

“We are proud to be part of the Alliance for Zero-Emission Future. Together with other members of the alliance, we want to support and demonstrate innovations that will lead to a low-emission and sustainable development of the Czech industry,” said SPOLCHEMIE CEO Daniel Tamchyna in this regard.

The alliance will use the expertise and experience of its members to identify key areas for decarbonization and to create specific action plans. In this way, it will contribute to the overall effort to achieve sustainable development goals and at the same time strengthen the position of Czech industry within the global market.