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What is a role of epoxies in bridge structures?

Epoxy resin is an integral part of many construction applications. Most often, epoxy is used as an industrial flooring - both parking and sales areas in modern shopping centres, in production plants, in storage houses, in hospitals etc. Other applications are not so obvious at a first glance but not less important at the same time. We talk about epoxy anchoring and impregnation coating or sealing layers for concrete bridge buildings.



E-coat - enhanced corrosion protection and environmental friendliness

Epoxy resins play a key role in many areas of our everyday life. Protective coatings of various surfaces, and especially protection of metals against corrosion, is one of the most important applications at all. However, is not just anti-corrosive performance of epoxies itself that makes it the real material of our future. By using epoxy resins, anti-corrosive protection is more effective and long lasting and hence saves resources. 



Epoxy and its important role in energey and electronics sector

For long, porcelain was the only material used for insulation purposes. However, this material is highly fragile and processing and adjusting is difficult. At the beginning of the second half of 20th century, epoxy resins and other synthetic materials entered the market and brought great ease of processing and variety of designs. Epoxy resins have been used in energy and electronics industry for more than six decades.



Epoxy self-levelling flooring combines functionality and aesthetics

Epoxy flooring well suitable for various industrial and commercial buildings, thanks to its durability and excellent properties. You can often find epoxy floor in areas with heavy load, such as production facilities, warehouses, garages and parking houses. Because of its versatility and variety of colours, epoxy flooring is also used for artistic rendering of floors in galleries, cafes, restaurants and showrooms.



How Help Epoxy Resins to Build a More Sustainable Future?

A variety of industries has been actively trying to find a way to more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and to reduce the carbon footprint. Because of their properties, epoxy resins are not visible at first glance but play an irreplaceable role in certain important applications and industries.