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Chlorine Products & Other


Product Colour (APHA)Concentration (%)Concentration of H2O (%)1,5 Hexadiene (%)Stabilizer (%) Description
ALLYLCHLORIDE < 50> 99< 0,01< 0,30,015-0,025 11 Clear liquid of characteristic pungent odour, extremely flammable, UV sensitive (darkens).


Product Colour (APHA)Concentration (%)Concentration of H2O (%) Description
EPICHLOROHYDRIN < 10> 99,8< 0,02 Colourless volatile liquid with a characteristic irritating odour.

Hydrochloric Acid

Product Concentration (%)Concentration of Fe (%)Concentration of free Cl2 (%)Concentration of SO4 2- (%)Evaporation residue (%)Chlorinated hydrocarbons (%) Description
HYDROCHLORIC ACID > 31< 0,03< 0,01< 0,04< 0,1< 0,0025 Clear, colourless liquid with a yellowish tint and a characteristic pungent odour.


Product Colour (APHA)Concentration (%)Concentration H2O (mg/kg)Stabilizer (%)Distillation range 95% (°C)Density at 20°C (kg/m3) Description
PERCHLOROETHYLENE < 15> 99,9< 340,0006-0,002 11119,5-121,51623 Colourless, water-clear liquid, ether-like odour.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Product Concentration of active Cl2 (g/l)Concentration of NaOH (g/l)Concentration of Na2CO3 (g/l)Concentration of Fe (g/l) Description
SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE >140 (summer-1.5. till 30.9.); >150 (winter-1.10. till 30.4.)< 12< 20< 0,01 Yellow-green to yellow-brown liquid. It decomposes spontaneously at light, in case of increased temperature and in contact with specific metals.

Triethylamin Trihydrofluoride

Product Colour (APHA)Concentration of H2O (%)Concentration of HF acidimetr. KOH (%) Description
TRIETHYLAMINE TRIHYDROFLUORIDE 0-200> 1,022-27 Faintly yellow clear liquid.