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History & Responsibility

SPOLCHEMIE is a chemical company of European significance. Since 1856, we have been constantly innovating, manufacturing and exporting high-quality chemical products worldwide.



Protecting nature and the environment is an integral part of all our daily activities and we are fully aware of our responsibility to our surroundings and its residents.

We are minimising the negative impact of our activities and reducing our carbon footprint in order to preserve the environment and natural resources for future generations. We are introducing state of the art technologies and procedures that are friendly to nature and people. We use renewable raw materials and resources and aim for efficient use of energy. We provide thorough monitoring of emissions, wastewater and waste. We collect and sort waste wherever possible, including electrical equipment, in production, warehouses and offices.

Our core values, goals and procedures are defined by the Environmental policy and our results are summarised once a year in the Environmental Protection Report.


Environmental protection and customer satisfaction and safety is our priority in the development of new products and managing our current product portfolio.

Based on life cycle analysis (LCA), we evaluate and improve our products so that their production and use have the least possible impact on the environment and their users.

As one of the first Czech chemical companies, we committed ourselves in 1994 to the principles of the worldwide voluntary initiative of responsible business in chemistry - Responsible Care. We are also involved in the Eco Vadis rating system.