OPEN FORUM at Composites Europe 2018

Unique platform for discussions about new products in composites industry at Composites Europe Stuttgart 2018



Tuesday 6/11 2018

  • 11,00 „EnviPOXY® - solution for green epoxy composites“
  • 14,00 „Epoxy resin solution for composites“
  • During the day: Expert consultations

Wednesday 7/11 2018

  • 11,00 „EnviPOXY® - solution for green epoxy composites“
  • 14,00 „Epoxy resin solution for composites“
  • 16,30 „Czech Beer & Becherovka reception“ with our Sales team

Thursday 8/11 2018

  • 11,00„EnviPOXY® - solution for green epoxy composites“
  • During the day: Expert consultations

About the topics our lectures

  • „EnviPOXY® - solution for green epoxy composites“

Lead: Mr. Tomas Loubal, Product Development Manager SPOLCHEMIE

The world wants to be healthier, faster and more sustainable. People in Europe talk about enviromentality. Manufacturers are looking for answers. If you accept a holistic concept where the criteria such as local resources, renewable sources, carbon footprint, production in Europe, LCA, BAT etc. come to life, you have to meet EnviPOXY. Advanced epoxy resin, drop-in material with the same properties as conventional epoxies. Our unique EnviPOXY made from glycerine in the middle of Europe contains 28% bio-carbon and is prepared in epoxy systems for wide use in composites.

More about EnviPOXY - click HERE

  • „Epoxy resin solution for composites“

Lead: Dr. Jan Hyrsl, CSc, CEO of R&D institute Synpo/SPOLCHEMIE

Epoxy resins have a significant and irreplaceable position in the composite world. Due to exceptional toughness, long life, extreme adhesion and other great properties epoxies provides optimal solutions in many areas of composites industry. In our portfolio you will find special systems for a wide range of applications (transport, civil engineering, electro, hobby & sports, wind mills, pipes & tanks etc.) and all technologies from hand lay-up to advanced RTM, pultrusion, casting, filament winding, pultrusion, injection moulding, prepregs and others. Our portfolio is based on more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of epoxies and polymer research in our own R&D institute. Our teams of professionals are working hard and enthusiastically to develop new materials and they introduce the best results you in this lecture.

More about Composites portfolio - click HERE

Expert consultations

Our R&D team is prepared to provide you with a consultation anytime:

Mr. Pavla Švíglerová, SYNPO – Special epoxy systems, in particular pre-pregs
Mr. František Socha, SYNPO – Casting and other epoxy systems
Mr. Michal Novák, SYNPO – Epoxy adhesives

In case you would like to book your time with our specialist, please ask your Sales Manager.

About Spolchemie

Professional profiles of our lecturers and R&D consultants

Dr. Jan Hyršl, CEO of Synpo Pardubice - R&D institute of SPOLCHEMIE

Dr. Jan Hyršl graduated at the University of Chemical Technology Pardubice, Czech Republic (Technology of production and processing of plastics) in 1982. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Department of polymers of the University of chemical-technology Pardubice in 1991. He is 35 years engaged in the field of research and applications of synthetic polymers and resins, coatings, composites, and adhesives based on epoxy resins, unsaturated polyester resins,   saturated polyesters, alkyds and polyurethanes from the point of view of structure, properties, technologies and applications. He was 18 years Head of Research and Development and Technical service of resins in Spolchemie. Recently, for 3 years he is Managing director of SYNPO as Daughter Company of Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu and still in charge of R&D&TS of Spolchemie.

Tomáš Loubal, Business Development Manager SPOLCHEMIE

Mr. Tomáš Loubal is an experienced and respected specialist in synthetic resins, green epoxy resins and product lifecycle analysis. After master degree in Prague Institute of Chemical Technology he was involved in Research & Development of chlorine chemistry, synthetic resins production and process development for more than twenty years. Nowaydays he is engaged as Business Development Director for special epoxy systems in Spolchemie, leading European producer of epoxy resins, and he is a member of board of directors of Synpo institute in Pardubice, the Czech Republic. He is also member of various professional comitees and boards, such as Steering Committee of Plastics Europe, Epoxy Resins Committee and Polymer Resins Group, a member of board of directors of Czech Society of Industrial Chemists and many others.

Pavla Švíglerová, SYNPO

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Michal Novák, R&D specialist SYNPO

Mr. Michal Novák graduated at the University of Chemical Technology Pardubice, Czech Republic (Technical physical chemistry) in 2015. After master degree in University of Pardubice he was involved in Research & Development of epoxy resins and formulation of adhesives and casting resins in construction, automotive and food industry. Nowaydays he is responsible for development of adhesives for special epoxy systems in SPOLCHEMIE, leading European producer of epoxy resins.

František Socha, SYNPO

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