Our Latest Innovations for Sustainable Wood Coatings – Waterborne Alkyds

CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 871 and CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 872 with High Bio-content

We are thrilled to unveil the newest additions to our HYDROSPOL® product range: CHS-HYDROSPOL D 871 and CHS-HYDROSPOL D 872. These waterborne alkyd resins are set to enhance the sustainability and performance of your coatings solutions.

Both CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 871 and CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 872 incorporate an enzymatically produced bio-based additive and thus have ultra-high bio-based content but also elevates their functionality to meet the demands of modern wood coatings. The use of our bio-based alkyd resins enables you to reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality.

High bio-based content
CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 871 – approximately 92% bio-based content
CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 872 – approximately 89% bio-based content

Waterborne Technology
These new alkyd resins in the form of a waterborne dispersion system are free from biocides, highlighting our commitment to safer and more sustainable coating solutions. The low solid content and high viscosity of these dispersions ensure excellent application properties.
CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 871 – Solid content 18% wt.
CHS-HYDROSPOL® D 872 – Solid content 32% wt.

Quick Application And Enhanced Performance
Our new alkyd resins feature accelerated drying times, enabling quick application, provide efficiency, increase hardness and extend durability of the surfaces.

Designed For Wood Solutions That Last
These alkyd resins are tailored specifically for wood stains to enhance the natural beauty of wood while providing long-lasting protection for a variety of wood surfaces.

For more information about our new products and their applications, please contact:

Mr. Daniel Kalný, +420 477 162 747, kalny@spolchemie.cz

Mrs. Pavlína Malá, +420 730 587 677, mala@spolchemie.cz