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Product Notes

Product Notes

1 Viscosity of 70% solution in butylglycol/ 25°C
2 Viscosity of 40% solution in butylglycol/25°C
3 In a solution
4 Recommended mixing ration with filler
5 Viscosity at 25°C (Brookfield)
6 System (part A:B) has to be mixed with water in the recommended correct ration - see Application Sheet
7 System (part A:B) can be filled with additional filler in the recommended correct ratio  - see Application Sheet
8 Viscosity (Pa.s, 25°C)
9 Viscosity (Pa.s, 20°C)
10 50% Xylene solution
11 In time of loading
12 Depends on technology used

(B) Butanol, (BuG) Butyl Glykol, (E) Butyl Acetate, (M) Methylethyl Keton, (N) Dearomatised W, (NN) Dearomatised W with flashpoint over 61°C, (V) Water, (W) White Spirit, (X) Xylene, (DFA) Dimeric Fatty Acids, (FA) Fatty Acids, (TOFA) Tall Oil Fatty Acids, (DCO) Dehydrated Castor Oil

(pbw) parts by weight