Epoxy resin is an integral part of many construction applications. Most often, epoxy is used as an industrial flooring – both parking and sales areas in modern shopping centres, in production plants, in storage houses, in hospitals etc. Other applications are not so obvious at a first glance but not less important at the same time.

We talk about epoxy anchoring and impregnation coating or sealing layers for concrete bridge buildings. As a part of a hydro-insulation, epoxy ensures effective adhesion between a concrete bridge surface (bridge deck) and a subsequent hydro-insulation layer.


The effective hydro-insulation is crucial for longevity of all concrete structures. This is doubly true for bridges that are exposed to the extreme conditions including mechanical load due to the traffic, weathering and exposure to the chemical substances (oils and other vehicles operating fluids, road salt).

In Czech Republic, the bridge insulation specification is lay down by law and must comply with strict standards. To ensure the longevity and safety of bridges, the authorities pay the highest attention to a quality of materials used for the bridge insulation. Each material, system and consequently the insulation together must comply with the relevant standards and is tested before the official approval of use is issued.


In a typical bridge structure, epoxies are used as an anchor or sealing layer in a primary layer. An epoxy primer coating is applied to a mechanically pre-treated concrete bridge and is sprinkled with dry silica sand. After curing of the impregnation coating, an epoxy sealing coating is applied. Then, hydro-insulating strips and other additional cover layers are applied to create the final road. Besides impregnation and sealing coating, epoxy resins are also used as a polymer concrete for repairing damaged surfaces and filling technical joints.

The epoxy system CHS-EPODUR® 474 PRIMER, developed and launched by SPOLCHEMIE, is dedicated for use on the bridge structures. Contact our sales representatives for more information about the product. For more information contact:

Tomáš Vejškrab, Construction Solutions Segment Leader
(vejskrab@spolchemie.cz, +420 725 722 366)

Mgr. Kamila Vítek Derynková, Product Marketing Manager


Photos used with the kind permission of company BAUSAN Ing. Fábry and company FIRESTA.