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Supply Chain

Our suppliers of raw materials and services are also motivated, controlled and evaluated in relation to compliance with principles set by us.


Our priorities are customer satisfaction and excellent products quality.

Thanks to our development teams, technical service and experienced production staff, we develop and manufacture a range of products exactly according to specific customer requirements. Our products meet not only high quality standards, but also all legislative requirements of European and non-European countries to which we export.

In addition to safety and environmental protection, quality is an integral part of all our activities. Our Quality Policy defines our main principles and procedures in the field of quality.


Our processes are constantly monitored , developed and improved  in accordance with customer requirements and relevant legislation. All our employees are aware of the necessity of following and constantly improving procedures in order to maintain high product quality. Our quality control system is based on production control points and the observation of prescribed procedures. Achieving required quality for specific products ensures that independent control takes place and subsequently deviations from these required values ​​are analysed and taken into account in following activities.