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Scholarship - A great opportunity to earn extra money while studying and the security of a promising job immediately after graduation!

The scholarship program is intended for university students with a chemical or technical focus in the penultimate and final years of their master's study and the last years of bachelor's study.


How to get into the scholarship program?

  • Complete an interview in SPOLCHEMIE
  • Provide us with references from your faculty
  • Spend at least 5 days with us on a paid internship, during which we will find out the range of your knowledge and skills and you will also get to know our company environment.


What will be your responsibilities?

  • To inform us about the progress of your studies
  • To complete at least 15 days of unpaid internship with us a year
  • To begin working with us within 3 months of your successful graduation.


Please contact us for more information.