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Responsible Company

Sustainability is understood here as a necessary condition for the future economic prosperity of our company, employee satisfaction and consideration of the environment.



We believe that for future sustainable development, what is most important, is preventing harm to nature and human health, systematically and effectively, and developing modern and environmentally friendly technologies.

Our business processes are set up to protect nature and society to the utmost. We are constantly reducing the negative impacts of our production, whether by improving internal processes, by using resources more efficiently or by modernising production technologies and processes. 


In our company we have established an effective integrated management system (IMS), which includes three subsystems:

  • quality
  • safety and health protection
  • environmental protection

Many of our activities go beyond mandatory procedures and methods. Our processes and activities are regularly audited according to the following standards: ISO 14001 for the environment, ISO 45001 for health and safety and ISO 9001 for quality.

As one of the first Czech chemical companies, we committed ourselves, in 1994, to the principles of the worldwide voluntary initiative of responsible business in chemistry - Responsible Care.

We are also involved in the EcoVadis rating system.

We do not forget about sustainability when developing our product portfolio either. Based on the life cycle analysis (LCA), we evaluate and improve our products so that their production and use have the least possible impact on the environment and users.