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For university graduates, we offer a trainee program that facilitates the transition from student to work life. The program takes an extremely effective approach, the new employee completing a "wheel" through selected departments, thus obtaining a better idea of ​​their future career direction.



Who is the program for?

  • If you are a graduate in the field of economics, you will experience work in the finance department, control, sales / marketing and also work in an economic role in operations.

  • If you are a graduate in the field of chemistry, you will find work in analytical laboratories, research / technical service, production operations and trade / marketing.

We require candidates:

  • to be a graduate with a maximum of two years after graduation
  • to speak at least one foreign language (EN / GERM)


At the end of this program, which lasts 6-12 months, the trainee will continue to a stable and interesting job position.

Please contact us for more information.