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Product Amine number (mg KOH/g)HEW (g/mol)Viscosity (mPa.s, 25°C) Usage Description
TELALIT® 0240 -245-10 Standard, civil engineering, composites, adhesives Aliphatic amine (substitution for HARDENER P 11)
TELALIT® 0420 600-6504210-25 Composites, higher Tg Cycloaliphatic amine
TELALIT® 0430 1250-1320435-50 Composites, civil engineering, faster curing, higher toughness Cycloaliphatic amine
TELALIT® 0492 550-6004915-30 Composites, civil engineering Cycloaliphatic modified
TELALIT® 0500 1100-1200505-50 Composites, accelerated Cycloaliphatic amine
TELALIT® 0590 440-490595-10 Composites, long pot life Polyoxyetheramine
TELALIT® 0600 450-5006280-100 High performance composites, long pot life, highest Tg Cycloaliphatic, modified
TELALIT® 0842 min.290841 100-1 900 Hardening in wet conditions, applicable in different weather conditions. Solvent free system, under water curing
TELALIT® 0846 345-37584550-750 Universal hardener for epoxy systems, applicable in lower temperatures, unsuitable for food, beverages and drinking water Mannich base without phenol (substitution for TELALIT® 60)
TELALIT® 0903 320-35090200-500 Self-levelling flooring, nonylphenol free, low yellowing Cycloaliphatic adduct modified
TELALIT® 1040 230-26010410-30 Waterborne coatings, high solid coatings, nonylphenol free. Polyoxyetheramine
TELALIT® 1203 NF 250-30012050-400 For high solid coatings, nonyl phenol free Cycloaliphatic adduct, modified
TELALIT® 3509 IX 50 110-135350200-700 Lacquers, anticorrosive coatings Aliphatic adduct modified (substitution for TELALIT® 160)
TELALIT® 2433 VBG 50 130-1502431000-2000 Waterborne systems Polyamine adduct modified (substitution for TELALIT® 180)
TELALIT® 2608 95-1152605 000-7 000 High performance super toughness adhesives Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic based modified
TELALIT® 3404 X 70 145-165340700-2 000 Anticorrosive coatings, nonylphenol free Polyamide
TELALIT® 95 300-50095170-400 Self-levelling flooring Cycloaliphatic adduct modified